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Brian Girton the Photographer

About Me

My name is Brian Girton and photography has always been a big part of my life. Up until 5 years ago my photography was mostly just for me. Now I love to share my love for capturing memories with everyone. I love trying new things, blending my client's thoughts and desires with my style, and seeking out creative ideas to make the best images possible!

New This Year!!! Live Birth Photography! I have shot newborns for years now. I have recently been awarded "Top 20 Best Newborn Photographers" In Cincinnati by I loved being the first person in the room after a birth to capture the first everything in your baby's life. After doing this many times I kept heard from many mothers that they couldn't remember much because of the pain and the effects from the medicine. So I decided to try my hand at Live Birth Photography. I soon learned that it was one of the most difficult kinds of photography to do because everything happens so fast, lights and things changes fast, and you don't get a second chance at most shots. Not to mention being on call at all hours of the day or night. Though many mothers wanted to use a friend, I found that it was hard to rely on someone being available at all times, without it being their dedicated job. I do know that it isn't expensive, but please realize that I plan to avoid all travel for weeks before and after, tell all of my clients that if I get the call I will have to leave and reschedule their shoot at my cost, and you are paying for the experience to get the right shot at the right time with an ever changing environment.


Senior Pictures will always be one of my favorite things to shoot. These photos may be the last photos you get of your children until their wedding. This is a very important time for them and their parents. Many photographers still do the old school studio shots standing next to the "18" at BFG Designs we want the shoot to be about the senior. Do they play sports? Do the love to dance? What makes them special? We will creatively capture who they are and make their friends look at their pictures and say WOW. We have a mobile changing room to provide privacy while on the move. You have the option to do a studio shoot or an outdoor shoot at the location/s of your choosing!


Weddings are near and dear to my heart. I love love and I love being able to help you truly capture your special moments. I shoot weddings because I enjoy it not because its a job. If you would like to get creative and need a photographer to be flexable and meet your needs then lets talk!

Brian Girton - Photographer


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People and Companies I trust

The Amazing Scott Martin is a photoshoping genius and his work is on display world wide.

Shameless plug for a photography studio and non profit that I also run.  It blends photography with counseling to deliver new found freedom from body image and other mental health struggles.

Professional Make Up Artist

Social Media guru and consultant!

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