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Why Should I Be At Your Child's Birth?

Talk about crazy moments. I used to be the first person into the delivery room once the baby was born. I was there to capture the babies first... well everything. First foot prints, first latch, first time dad got to help the baby, the first time the grandparents came into the room to lay their eyes on the most beautiful baby they had ever seen.

After a while I noticed that the mothers would say that the forgot so much of the delivery between the pain and all the medication they ended up taking. I thought that this was something that needed to be remembered, so I took the step to get into the delivery room much sooner!

Not only did I get to be there for the birth. (Keep in mind I don't generally do the baby coming out...) I get to witness the emotions in the room which is often the part the mothers miss and want to see again. I get to be there to watch strong men weeping over a tiny little baby, I get to see the husbands pray over their wives because they can't do anything to take away their pain, I see the tears and the smiles, the support and the staff, I get to help you remember the best parts of that day and it is something you will have with you for the rest of your life!

Sounds like a great idea right? Well it isn't cheap and there are many reasons why. The cost of Live Birth Photography first and foremost is for the quality of the photographer you are wanting. Then you have to think about the on call nature of unpredictable births... I have been called into the hospital because the baby was coming in the next 20 minutes only to leave a session I just started to race to the hospital and wait for 6 more hours. I won't plan to leave town for the weeks surrounding the due date. I put all of my other clients on notice that I can be called out of a session for a Live birth at any time and normally at my cost. Also and this is the big part and it speaks to the quality of the photographer and their equipment. The delivery room has many rules and many ever changing pieces to juggle. The lighting can go from super dark to having a spotlight shining at my lens and in your face(or other places...). Having a photographer than can make those complicated and technical adjustments at a seconds notice is worth more than you would think. After all you can't put the baby back in to redo your shot!

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